Nu samarbetar Klostra med engelska Plants of Distinction och säljer en samling utvalda fröer av blommor och grönsaker. PoD hör ju till de många engelska firmorna som inte kunnat sälja till EU efter brexit. Tyvärr hittar jag inga tomatfröer. Hoppas att det kommer.

PoD har svarat:
We still can’t get Tomatoes into Europe I’m afraid – I can only suggest that you try to buy Tomato seeds within your own country.   There is a Tomato virus that has meant very expensive testing is needed to be done before any Tomatoes are moved around the world.   It doesn’t seem to matter that when we buy virus free seeds which have a ‘passed’ test certificate, our Ministry of Agriculture insist the tests need to be repeated before seeds can be exported.

We can sell within the UK if the seeds have a certificate but moving Tomato seed anywhere else the test needs to be done again.   I do hope one day new Tomato breeding will overcome the need for all of this.   We have lost so many heirloom varieties because they are just too expensive to maintain because of the testing.

I do hope the new arrangement with Klostra will be of benefit and I’m sure over time we will include other POD varieties.   Currently they are stocking a very good selection but I imagine this may increase as we move forward.   As soon as we possibly can, we will re-introduce Tomato seeds!

Kind regards,


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